Welcome to the home of the Sudbury Classic Cruisers!

The Sudbury Classic cruisers cruise nights for 2020 have been cancelled till government restrictions are lifted and until public gatherings are allowed.
The Sudbury classic cruisers are following government guidelines and recommendations to help stop the spread of covid-19.
Our paramount goal is public safety and the safety of our membership.

We will be reviewing on a month to month basis as restrictions lift.
Please remember to practice social distancing. Wash your hands and if you’re not able to wash your hands please use hand sanitizer.
As covid- 19 is probably going to be our “normal” for the foreseeable future please remember community spread hurts our most vulnerable our elders and people with underlying health issues. Let’s protect them.
The Sudbury classic cruisers would also like to thank all the frontline workers. From health care professionals to grocery store workers to truck drivers. Not all hero’s wear capes and all of you have proved that.

Stay safe and stay healthy